Recommended Stove Top Cookware

There are so many options for the cookware you might use in your home. I have used many different types of cookware. This includes pots and pans using various materials and non-stick coatings. Many of these non-stick coatings if flaked off for cookware can be harmful if consumed. Not to mention the need to replace otherwise still usable cookware. This is a big reason I use and recommend cast iron. The brand I use is Lodge, due to a balance between durability and price. You will use a small amount of oil to help keep the cookware non-stick. You will also find the need to re-season your cast iron cookware from time to time.

The main pan I use is the 10.25″ skillet from Lodge. Purchased my cast iron skillet back in March 2016 and continue to use it everyday. In addition to the 10.25″ skillet, I also have and use the 8″ skillet and 6.5″ skillet. Not to mention a 10.5″ round griddle, plus a 2 quart & 5 quart cast iron dutch oven. There is also Lodge silicone hot handle holder.

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