Simple Vegan Recipes


Order your e-copy of the Simply Vegan recipe book. Recipes include:

  • Vegan powder Parmesan cheese
  • Vegan powder cheese mix, useful for vegan mac & cheese
  • Homemade peanut butter & fruit jams using chia seeds and frozen fruit
  • Simple homemade pizza crust
  • Homemade skillet cornbread
  • And much more…

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First of all, not a chef, but I certainly love to prepare food and treats. Went Vegan in March 2019, but using the skills acquired before going Vegan, I make many items now in a Vegan variety. People have told me I should open a Vegan food truck or a recipe book. While I don’t see myself operating a business selling food, I have finally given in to sharing what I’ve collected in an easy to print out and follow recipe book. The formatting used in this book is the very same layout I use for my own cookbook here at the house.


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