Recommended Stove Top Cookware

There are so many options for the cookware you might use in your home. I have used many different types of cookware. This includes pots and pans using various materials and non-stick coatings. Many of these non-stick coatings if flaked off for cookware can be harmful if consumed. Not to mention the need to replace otherwise still usable cookware. This is a big reason I use and recommend cast iron. The brand I use is Lodge, due to a balance between durability and price. You will use a small amount of oil to help keep the cookware non-stick. You will also find the need to re-season your cast iron cookware from time to time.

The main pan I use is the 10.25″ skillet from Lodge. Purchased my cast iron skillet back in March 2016 and continue to use it everyday. In addition to the 10.25″ skillet, I also have and use the 8″ skillet and 6.5″ skillet. Not to mention a 10.5″ round griddle, plus a 2 quart & 5 quart cast iron dutch oven. There is also Lodge silicone hot handle holder.

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Homemade Crinkle Cut Fries

Plate of freshly crinkle cut fries on colorful plate with crinkle cutter visible at back of plate

Never imagined just how easy it would be to make homemade crinkle cut fries. But thankfully it can be just that easy. With the right tool of course. Enter the crinkle cut cutter. This is the very one I personally have purchased and use. Let me tell you, the ease of using this without worry of it breaking. Chef’s kiss indeed.

And yes, you get two of them for less than $10. So you can give one away or keep it as a backup for if that first one ever fails you, which in 3 months of heavy use, has not happened yet. Plus it’s not just for potatoes. Think of all the amazing things you can crinkle cut. All the amazing veggies that can be crinkle cut.

Why Should I Be Vegan?

Understanding your why and even the facts that support your why can be amazing. Here are amazing benefits from living a Vegan (Plant-based) life. All items are sourced.

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What Does It Mean To Be Vegan?

There are so many definitions of what a Vegan is. A Vegan is “a person who does not eat any food derived from animals and who typically does not use other animal products.” per Oxford Languages. However, being Vegan extends far beyond what one puts on their plate. But the plate is the one thing we all seem to focus on when it comes to be Vegan. So just how would one define being Vegan.

Having a look at the definition over at the Vegan Society, we see what being Vegan truly means. It goes far beyond what one puts on their plate.

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Frugal Eco Vegan

Being a Vegan can be amazing as we rely not upon animals for food or other items we consume, along with products which have been tested on animals. This leaves open plant-based options, but also products using man made materials including plastic and plastic derivatives. However, any items made of plastic or any petroleum-based product, while Vegan, may not be the best for the Planet or any of its inhabitants. This is where the Eco portion comes in. We must be mindful of choices to ensure they are “earth friendly” as is the cliche way of putting it.

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